Optimizing your well completion

With a continues rising global demand, highly volatile prices due to political interest and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the Oil and Gas industry faces major challenges.

Based on the above, new innovations and technologies are essential. We can offer some unique products to solve part of these challenges for Sand and Inflow control

Customized Sand & Inflow Control  

Sand Free Production

The sand control technology has developed over the years from vertical cased hole to horizontal open hole applications moving from gravel packing (CHGP) as the standard solution to frac-packing, stand-alone screens, chemical treatments and shunted (OHGP) completions.
Still the simplest and by far the most reliable and effective method of sand control is the use of sand-retention with Stand-alone Screens (SAS) especially with well becoming longer and longer.


HP Well Screen brings you a wide range of well screen products to cover all your requirements. Selecting the right sand screen is crucial for a successful completion and can be the difference between solid free production and a lost well.

HP Well Screen will be your partner and help you with the screen selection and personalized design to meet your specific application, well conditions and formation properties.

Maximizing oil production

Why do we need Inflow and Outflow Control

One of the main challenges facing production from horizontal wells is an uneven in-outflux along horizontal section due to different drawdown across the wellbore and permeability heterogeneity of the reservoir, friction inside the horizontal liner. As a result horizontal wells suffer from early water or gas breakthrough and lower recovery factor of hydrocarbons.

To avoid this kind of problems lower completions becomes more reservoir management oriented. In the past decade different technologies for downhole flux control have been developed and used to balance in-outflux along horizontal sections of the well, increase sweep efficiency and enhance oil recovery.


HP Well Screen offers you a wide range of customized Inflow Control Devices. Choosing Passive, Active or Autonomous Control Devices is crucial to make a successful completion and can be the difference between maximum recovery and a watered out well.

HP Well Screen will be your partner and help you with the right selection and customized design to enhance oil recovery.

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