Robust and reliable Sand Control

Geothermal energy is the cheapest sustainable alternative to natural gas, with little or no CO2 emissions and constant heat supply, independent of the season. Meaning a highly suitable baseload for (district) heating in combination with other sources of green energy.

To make wells suitable for long term usage we need to build reliable wells, HP Well Screen can offer products to meet these challenges.

Geothermal & Waterwell

Geothermal wells

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy as long as the well is producing water. Slotted and predrilled liners are low cost insurance providing bore hole stability and preventing the well to collapse during production. It is a proven completion design for all consolidated formation used in any geothermal area worldwide.

Water Wells

Clean and sufficient water is essential for our live on earth. Water wells equipped with our Well Screens, will give far more water than a water well with conventional slotted casing since our screen has up to ten times more open area. The screen costs are only 5% of the total well costs and since it is the screen that determines the efficiency and operating costs of the well, it would be economically false to save pennies on alternatives. To do so you would waste dollars with high pumping costs due to excessive draw-down caused by plugging and high maintenance and replacing costs due to sand production.

Water wells will allow as much water into the well as the openings in the screen will permit. The greater the open area, the greater the yield, the greater the efficiency, the longer the well life.

Monitoring & Soil Sanitation
Our screens have proven there effectiveness in the sanitation of polluted soil and the monitoring industry. They are often used for groundwater extraction, infiltration and air sparging because of their appreciated unique features. The high open area does not clog, is chemical and heat resistant, can be easily regenerated and therefore can be used for a much longer period.

Due to its strength the screens can be installed horizontally in the target zone and be used for cone penetration testing. Our screens are more cost-effectively then the standard HDPE-filters, because after removing the monitoring screens they can easily be cleaned and used again and again.

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