High Performance Filtration 

Filtration and Separation is required for many different markets like food, agriculture, chemical industry, pulp and paper, oil & gas, drink water, waste water and more. Filtration and Separation technology is a resource that sustainable societies depend on. HP Well Screen can offer metallic filter solutions to meet the requirements.

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High Performance Filtration

Filtration and Separation is required for many different markets like food, agriculture, chemical industry, pulp and paper, oil & gas, drink water, waste water and more. As a result of global growth the filtration industry is facing quite some challenges;

  • Population growth and social change raises the question to recycle and reuse and accelerate the race to zero emission discharge.
  • Rapid urbanisation will ask for improved infrastructures for water treatment, clean water by means of desalination and recycle and reuse of water for consumer, commercial and industrial scale.
  • Need for long life filters with self-cleaning possibilities are requested.
  • Population growth raises the need for food and processing, without filtration the quality and health and production will not be met. A constant need for new and replacement products will be required.      Locally produced and at high quality to meet the strict regulations.


Brewery and malthouse

Sugar and starch

Pulp and paper



Petrochemical and refinery




Water well

Water treatment

Soil sanitation

Petrochemical & Chemical Industry

Refineries and chemical plants vary in the complexity of their processes; however, separation, conversion and treatment are basic activities they all do and which are typical for the application of Wedge Wire Screen. Our Reactor Internals are used in processes responsible for providing the fundamental raw materials of the petrochemical industry. These products form the basis of such familiar products as synthetic rubber, polyester fibers, polystyrene foam, glues, synthetic detergent chemicals and pharmaceuticals. 

Today all the involved companies have to get more from their processes. More productivity, more flexibility, more profitability. Getting more out of a reactor means optimizing performance, and many of our customers have discovered the best way to do that is with Wedge Wire Screen. Because of their strength, durability, high open area, accurate separation, non-clogging and non-abrasive flow characteristics our screens are preferred above the less expensive wire mesh or perforated products. Therefore, they are widely used in catalytic reformers, hydrotreaters, desulfurisers, gas sweeteners, sand & clay filters, ion-exchangers, ammonia converters and many more.

Since reactor internals have to be tailored to each specific component our engineering department plays a key role. We design and produce our Collectors, Distributors, Scale Traps, Outlet Baskets, Support Grids and Nozzles to live up to the most extreme pressures, temperatures and most corrosive and abrasive environments.

Food industry

It is imaginable that the potatoes, vegetables and meat you eat and the beverages you drink are served to your table through the help of one of our screens. Our products are widely used in the food -and beverage production and ideal in all the processes from: raw, peeled, cleaned, cooked and canned to recycling wastewater. We manufacture Screen Drums, Conical Baskets, Gratings, Bended Sieves, Support Grids and Distributors for the production of meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, corn, sugar, cacao, dairy, beer, wine etc.


Proces industry

Filtration can be a very important element in the entire production process. In many cases the failure of a single filter causes a shutdown of the total process. A careful selection of the best filter media suitable for your application will prevent these problems. The separation of solid and liquid in any process will require the use of an effective screen. This screen should provide a large proportion of open area and offer very low resistance to the flow of the liquid. It must not become clogged or blinded by the solids that the screen must retain. And most of all, it must continue working for a long period of time without being damaged.

Our Filtration products offer you all these features and more and are therefore successfully used in many processes: water intake, water treatment (Sieve Bends) and waste water treatment (Drums), de-watering, washing (Drums), sludge thickening (Press), classifying (Grids), blocking and protecting (Strainer), cooling and drying (Cones), etc.

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