Inflow control devices


AICV® (Autonomous Inflow Control Valve) is a proven and patented technology developed by InflowControl. AICVs can replace conventional ICDs (Inflow Control Devices) and ICV’s (Intelligent Control Valves), to ensure increased oil production and recovery.

The AICVs can be used in nearly all reservoirs where unwanted water and/or gas is problematic or is forecasted as a potential problem (such as in thin oil rim reservoirs). AICVs enable a uniform inflow profile along the wellbore and provides a phase filtering that chokes the unwanted gas and water zones yet remains open for the oil rich zones. AICVs can also be used in vertical and deviated wells to successfully manage reservoirs with different pressures where un-wanted water or gas are a problem.

AICVs can be applied in existing wells by means of retrofitting, and new wells. In both applications they dramatically reduce OPEX costs and lower electricity demand for pumps, downhole and top side. This is achieved by managing unwanted water and gas in the reservoir autonomously, which increases net oil recovery by enabling wells to produce oil that was potentially stranded.

AICVs combine the best from ICDs and ICVs without any control lines required to surface. Eliminating the gas and water breakthrough problems within all oil reservoirs from ultra-light oil <0.25 cP up to ultra-heavy >3000 cP. 

Globally over 230 wells have deployed AICV® technology as of February 2023.

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